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Property Investment

We provide personalised service to our investor clients by acting as a buyers agent with full local market knowledge

Modern Office

As a local Buyers Agent , we have full market knowledge to provide you with right stats to locate the right investment property. Adelaide is the biggest city in South Australia and also being the capital it has all the action happening right here. Due to demand from interstate investors and interstate migration, Adelaide has experienced noticeable population growth and infrastructure investment , creating affordable opportunities.

Our Approach

We don't jump into any location or type of property , until we have full understood your objectives and budgets. Not all investors have long term or short term goals.


The right investment will only come into picture once all the parameters of the property match your investment objective. We cater to investors looking to build and rent later , develop & build to sell and invest & hold for long term.

Some properties are good for capital growth but others can be good for high rental yield. This all is directly connected to short term and long term demand & supply , infrastructure and demographic changes.
We study the market and categorize it into segments for long term and short term growth.

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