• Paul Virdi


We all heard about the strawberry scare and media had the perfect dough to bake till most of the people were scared enough . If you stopped purchasing and eating strawberries to support the fear, you are not alone . This whole phenomenon shows how much we live in our comfort zone that we will believe the hearsay more than the facts as if our inner fear was looking for an excuse to stop doing what we could have done.

If strawberries are good for your health and you know the benefits , you will go out to find a way to make sure they are safe for you to eat , rather than just supporting the rumours. It is so shocking to see that couple of needles caused a big fall in strawberry prices .

Now ,lets put this scenario in the investment property market.

If you are or were planning to invest in property and you didn't take any action because media started trumpeting that the housing market is going down , banks are facing big fines after Royal Commission hearings, banks will jack up rates and blah blah, you are again supporting a scare mongering wave that your inner fear was waiting for.

People don't try to find facts themselves but will follow the crowd for any rumours. This herd mentality has led to unwanted losses to lots of people's future planning.

Whether investment property made money for someone or didn't work out, you should not base your decisions on those facts alone. Everyone has different situation, way of doing things and different goals. One needle or one bad tenant is not the sole reason for going back to your cocoon.

You need to go out and find the right information to reach your goal, because your future wealth is dependent upon your planned decisions rather than following a negative wave and feeling safe being part of it .

Whether you invest in property or not, don't stop planning because strawberries had needles . If you didn't make right decisions about investing today, there won't be strawberries for you to eat in the future because it will be too late for you to be able to afford them.

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