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How to avoid buying the wrong home for your own living

Home buying being an emotional decision can lead you into a wrong spot. . No matter how much you see the pictures of the house on a website,it is difficult to imagine the practicality of the space without checking the sizes of the rooms and other amenities. Most of the real estate agents do a 15 minute open inspection, which is quite short period for a buyer to relate the dimensions of the property to their practical needs. Buyers feel compelled to quickly go for next inspection as they want to compare as much as they can.

By the time the buyers reach back to their place to discuss which property to consider, things start looking confusing .

I recommend the following to get what you want:

a. Set up a budget in consultation with your mortgage broker or bank .

b. Keep looking at websites such as and to see what kind of properties are available in the market and what are the listed prices.

c. Drive around the area/suburb where you intend to live to check the surroundings and noise levels and any other issues.

d.Narrow down the suburbs and the price limit for your first home.

e. Don't hesitate to ask the agent about the expectation of the vendor if the price is not listed on website.

f. Check the recent sale in that area where you are keen to buy.

g. Don't fall for manicured lawns and gardens as they can be a big maintenance issue after you start living in the property.

h. Houses having smaller bedrooms or living areas are renovated to give you a feel that the outdoor is quite big . You are not buying a home for just the outdoor area unless you spend majority of your time outdoors . Be considerate about your family's needs.

i. It is prudent to click the pictures of the inside and outside of the property you are inspecting as the agent's listing will only show the best aspect of the house. These pictures will help you to make a better decision when you go back home after the inspection.

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