Investment Properties

At Alpha Real Property Group, our endeavour is to find you the right investment property

which has the potential to grow and rent based upon your budget, financial situation and objectives.

We specialise in house & land packages which are full turn key and fixed price. Based upon the rental yield and your taxable income, the property can be negatively geared or positively geared. We have wide range of properties to match your objectives but remember every property is not worth investing. Hence we handpick the right property for you based upon the cost/benefit analysis.

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Example Investment Property

Here is an example of an investment property in South Australia which is full turn key and fixed price. Once built ,it is ready to rent straight away without any further improvement.

The purchase price of this property is $385,000

Expected rent is $400p/w

Depending upon your taxable income , this property can be cash flow positive by $30 p/w or out of pocket by $ 10 p/w

Dual Key Investment

Dual Key Investment is a property where you can put two separate tenants under one roof. From outside , it looks like any other normal property and has one title but from inside it has separate entry, power, gas and water connections. This kind of property is straight away cash flow positive from day one renting it out. Bigger land is required to build this kid of set up. Lots of time bigger families will buy this kind of property to accommodate grown up kids or elderly parents. This kind of property has 3-4 bedrooms on side of the house and 1-2 bedrooms on the other side.

Dual key investment properties are available at select locations only because of the land availability and council regulations.

dual key-2.jpg