How do you customize your services for individuals?

We look into your financial situation and set up a budget based upon your  commitments to current expenses and work out option as per your financial borrowing capacity.

I am renting at the moment .Should I buy my first home or investment property?

All the decisions you make are dependent upon your current situation, future goals and budgets to do things. If you are not planning to settle down and might change locations for better job prospects , then investing in the property can be a good option as you would be  able to reap the benefits of the appreciation in the capital value of the property provided you do it properly . You don't need to get attached to the property as you are not living in it. You can claim property related expenses as deductions and uses taxes and rental income to fund your operational expenses for your investment property. If you are fed up with renting and want to have your own place because you are not going to change locations frequently , then buying or building first home can be the option.

Should I buy an investment property locally or interstate?

It is a tricky scenario. Generally people feel that buying a property locally gives them better control, which is not true at all times. Neither you  want to rush to your property all the time for minor maintenance issues nor you want  to make friends with the tenants as your expectation from the property is the cash flow and capital growth . Picking up the right location based upon future growth and demographics is more important whether it is 15 km or 500 km away from your own home .

Should I buy a new property or an old one?

It all depends upon what you are trying to achieve out of it. Buying or building a new house to live will get you first home buyer's grant (if you are eligible). If you buy an established property , you will be paying full stamp duty. Older properties usually give issues regarding repair and maintenance . For investment purposes, older properties don't offer much tax deductions and the overall market appeal is less for attracting  tenants.

How do I know that Alpha Real Property Group is the right consulting agency for me?

Alpha Real Property Group is being headed by a professional who holds combined experience of  16 years  in real estate and financial industry and is fully licensed to run a real estate consultancy business.