Developing Or Building A Property

Alpha Real Property Group can help you to develop a property based upon your budget.

If you have an existing old property which has development potential, then we can look into it and set up a preliminary assessment to see what kind of options would fit or would be suitable.

All the properties cannot be developed into multiple dwellings as development of properties is subject to few factors such as:

  • Land size

  • Zoning restrictions

  • Development restrictions

  • Council guidelines

  • Shape of the block

  • Overall budget

We work with quality builders who have years of experience in building and developing properties. The type of house which you should be building will solely depend upon the end use of it. For your own living , you can have any design of floor plan and size of house but for investment purposes , you should not be overspending . Building a massive house is not always good as it can be difficult to offload in the market. Bigger houses come with lot of energy consumption and upkeep which can limit its market potential.

Property Listings